Technical Support Co-ordinator

Job Type: Full Time Permanent
Location: Manchester
Salary: Negotiable

Technical & Sales Supervisor - Job Description

We are looking for an individual with a good technical understanding, preferably with a background with hybrid systems/ Solar PV/ Generators, alternatively an individual with a background in engineering with capacity to devote themselves to learning our systems quickly.


  • Understanding of the components used within our hybrid systems – Solar PV, Battery, Wind turbine, Generators Diesel/LPG
  • Programming settings on new and existing hybrid systems
  • Fault diagnosis on systems/ generators
  • Site visits on occasions to diagnose/ rectify faults
  • Remote monitoring of systems
  • Remote refinement of settings when new systems are installed on site

On call required 1 out of 6 weeks to help resolve any client issues/ monitor systems.

Receive enquiry details from sales team and specify the correct Hybrid solution for the job, this could include;

  • Sizing the correct Solartainer/ Battery bank system/ generator size to pair with the Hybrid system
  • The addition of extra Solar PV on site
  • The addition of portable wind turbines
  • The addition of EV vehicle charging points
  • Helping the client by designing a custom Hybrid system to suit their power needs
  • Completing savings calculations for clients showing the benefits of utilising a hybrid system over a traditional power source.

Carry out:

  • Load Calculations to them specify the correct hybrid power Solution for the client
  • Amp/ KVA/ kW calculations
  • Cable sizing calculations
  • Savings calculations for client switching to hybrid solution


  • Receive technical enquiries and liaise with clients to understand their needs before providing a solution.
  • Assist with incoming enquiries/ calls as needed by the company.

This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully it gives a good understand of the job role required, we are business growing quickly and as this happens your role will adapt and progress in line with your skills/ the business needs.