The Client


The Challenge

The team at A-one+were looking to reduce project costs whilst also looking to adopt a more environmentally sympathetic approach to reduce CO2.

The Solution

The Solatainer makes the production of electricity more efficient by running the background energy consumption off renewable sources, lights, computers, chargers, etc. The generator deals with peaks in energy demand, typically early morning and lunch, when heaters and kettles are used. As result the Solatainer generator does not need to be the size of a typical generator and does not run idle or at very low demand.

The Results

The Solatainer proved to be an effective replacement for the Generator with a 54181 KG saving in CO2. There was also a massive cost saving of £12,112.

88% reduction in CO2


Reduction in CO2

Total CO2 emitted from generator: 61,385.94kg
Total CO2 emitted from Solatainer: 7,204.91kg

60% Reduction in project costs


Reduction in project costs

Generator projected cost: £20,123.71
Solatainer cost: £8,001.23

89% reduction in diesel consumption


Reduction in diesel consumption


25,593.60L projected use

Cost of Diesel Used £17,147


2,688.40L used

Cost of Diesel Used £1,801

Low Noise Pollution


Noise Pollution

Ideal for noise sensitive areas. When the generator is not running the Solatainer runs silent, no noise is emitted from the set-up.

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