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The Client


The Challenge

To find a solution to power a site whilst adopting a  more economic and environmentally sympathetic  approach to off-grid power via the use of a portable renewable energy system (Solatainer).

The Solution

The Solatainer makes the production of electricity  more efficient by running the background energy  consumption off renewable sources, lights,  computers, chargers, etc. The generator deals with peaks in energy demand, typically early morning and  lunch, when heaters and kettles are used. As result the Solatainer generator does not need to be the size of a  typical generator and does not run idle or at very low demand.

The Results

During the first month on site the Solatainer proved  to be an effective replacement for the 50kWh  Generator that was previously powering the site.

This resulted in a reduction of 27% of total cost and 87% in CO2.

"Considering the unit as a whole, we have observed  reductions in cost and environmental impact and  would recommend the unit to similar compound set-  ups and look forward to continuing our partnership  with Solatainer."

87% Reduction in CO2


Reduction in CO2

Total CO2 emitted from 50kWh Genny: 12.97 tonnes

Total CO2 emitted from Solatainer: 1.68 tonnes

27% Reduction In Cost


Reduction in Cost

Total cost of running 50kWh Genny: £4396.34

Total cost of running Solatainer: £3223.33

Low Noise Pollution


Noise Pollution

Ideal for noise sensitive areas. When the generator is not running the Solatainer runs silent, no noise is emitted from the set-up.

Online App


Powerful Tool

Allows the user to gather data on the production of power through the PV array and the generator. Also allows tracking to see if harvested energy is being directly used or stored in the battery.

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