Network Rail & Costain

The Client

Network Rail & Costain

The Challenge

The Kent Multi Functional Framework challenge was to find a solution which meet the following criteria:
To power a site using a more efficient and green product. To find a hybrid solution in the 10-60 kVa generator range. To reduce cost emission & NOx.

To reduce noise from generators.

The Solution

Modelled on a 20ft ISO shipping container, Solatainer supports a 4kW PV array, 15kWH battery storage and a high efficiency 15kVA diesel generator for backup energy security.

During daytime operation, the energy created by the Solatainer® from solar panels is harvested and stored in an on-board battery pack. The high efficiency generator is configured to run only when the batteries are depleted below a software-set limit or when a demand spike occurs preventing any wasteful operations. The system is remotely configured, managed and performance is monitored via on-board 3G router.

The Results

During the 30 day period over 95% of energy was supplied by solar or batteries ( 720 hrs).
The site was silent for over 95% of the time (684 hrs) There was a 10 day silent emission free streak observed. No servicing of generator was required.

There was a reduction of over 9 tonnes CO2 along with greatly reduced fuel usage.
This resulted in an average weekly saving of over £200.

80% Reduction in CO2


Reduction in CO2

Compared to a conventional diesel generator
Reduction of over 9 tonnes monitored on this project

Over £200 average weekly saving

Over £200

Average weekly saving

Low Noise Pollution


Noise Pollution

The site was silent for over 95% of the time (684hrs)

95% of energy supplied


of energy supplied

By solar or batteries during the 20 day period (720 hours)

10 day


10 day silent emission free streak

Fuel usage greatly reduced


Greatly reduced

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