SiteGrid X30-X45 Hybrid Power System

SiteGrid X30-X45 Battery Hybrid System
SiteGrid X30
Energy Management

SiteGrid X30-X45 Battery Hybrid System
SiteGrid X30
Energy Management


SiteGrid X30 & X45, our three phase 30kVA-45kW and 45kVA-70kW hybrid power systems, offers a convenient and efficient method of delivering power to any site environment without a grid connection. Whether a site needs power for lighting, a welfare cabin or equipment SiteGrid will deliver power far more efficiently than a generator alone.

SiteGrid utilises generator power, and renewables if available, to store power in a sophisticated battery bank with a dedicated monitoring & control system, delivering silent power from the battery when needed. The generator will only be started when loads demand more power or to top up the battery. Significantly reducing emissions, the size of generator required and fuel costs.

In addition, for intelligent power management, SiteGrid has an optional Energy Management Unit (EMU) which allows six separate loads to be fed independently and programmed with their own unique schedules.

Key features and benefits

  • Reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Reduced generator runtime and service costs
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Remote energy management as standard
  • Live energy reporting as standard
  • 3 phase configurations
  • Can be synchronised with generator sets from 45kVA 



Electrical Properties
Inverter Rated Power 30kVA - 45kVA
Transfer Switch 3x 100A
AC Input 380 - 415VAC 3PH
DC Voltage Range 38-66v
Output Voltage 400VAC ± 2% Frequency: 50Hz ± 0.1% (1)
Peak Power 60kW - 75kW
Standard Outlets 1 x 63A 3PH and 3 x 63A 1PH
Operating Range -20 to +50°C (fan assisted cooling)
Energy Storage
Capacity 45kW-70kW Lithium Ion
Mechanical Properties
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1007mm x 1861mm x 1630mm
Weight 3000kg