What makes us different?

We are the pioneers of the Solartainer Versatile range, the world's first adaptable solar hybrid generators. We provide relocatable renewable energy solutions and solar hyrbid power generation along with eco welfare solutions and site establishment products for both hire and sale.

As a collective, our company is proud to have harnessed over sixty years of experience in the design, manufacture, hire and sale of innovative and pioneering energy products.

Why ThinkHire? 

  • We guarantee to reduce your onsite carbon emissions, and reduce your operating costs in doing so. 
  • All of our assets include remote management and reporting as standard.
  • We promise to offer you the best solution every time, underpinned by factual carbon-reducing data.

Our business is built to serve many industry sectors - like infrastructure, rail, road, water and energy - but we operate within these industries from a consultative approach by evaluating the problem and serving you with a direct, environmentally-focused solution.

Our consultative approach: 

Our consultative approach



For more details visit our product pages and  call our team on  0330 133 2222 We'd be happy to give you more detailed information.



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