What makes us different?

Think Hire is the UK’s premier off-grid Energy-as-a-Service provider.

Offering relocatable renewable energy solutions and cutting-edge solar hybrid power generation, we're not just a company; we're architects of a greener tomorrow.

Pioneers of the Solartainer Versatile range, the world's first adaptable solar hybrid generators, Think Hire is at the forefront of driving positive change in the energy sector, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and enhancing operational efficiency through an Energy-as-a-service proposition.

Why choose Think Hire as your renewable energy partner? 

  • We are committed to reduce your onsite carbon emissions and operating costs.  
  • All of our assets include remote management and reporting as standard, so you can see your carbon reductions in real-time. 
  • We offer you the most carbon-efficient products and set-ups no matter the project at hand. 

We operate by providing a free energy consultation to evaluate the problem you wish to overcome on site and providing a direct and environmentally focused solution.  Take a look at the image below about our unique way of working to understand how an energy consultation can benefit your project:


Our consultative approach



For more details visit our product pages and  call our team on  0330 133 2222 We'd be happy to give you more detailed information.