Stand alone mobile and static generator sets from 6kVA to 500kVA

Stand Alone Generators
Road Tow Generator
Push Around Generator
Stand Alone Generators
Road Tow Generator
Push Around Generator



We provide generators ranging from 6kVA up to 500kVA including super silent ranges and every one of our diesel generators for hire is compatible with our range of hybrid battery systems.

All of our products are also supplied with full telemetry which provides in depth data to the user and supports identification of correct use and specification of power for your projects.

We can also provide a range of additional items to ensure that we comprehensively support all of our clients temporary power requirements.

Our stand alone and mobile canopied generators include the following power outputs;

  • 6 KVA 
  • 10 KVA
  • 20 KVA 
  • 30 KVA 
  • 40 KVA 
  • 60 KVA 
  • 100 KVA 
  • 150 KVA 
  • 200 KVA 
  • 250 KVA 
  • 300 KVA 
  • 350 KVA 
  • 500 KVA 

Key features and benefits

  • Super silent diesel generators for low-noise applications
  • LPG powered option set delivering cost-effective and cleaner power
  • Mobile, site and road toweable generators 
  • Hybrid – battery/generator packages for low load requirements
  • UPS solutions
  • Containerised generators 
  • Biodiesel fuel options
  • Remote monitoring and reporting as standard
  • Load on demand set-ups, ensuring cost-efficiency for variable power demands