ECO Solar Tower Light

ECO Solar Tower Light
STL1 - Mobile Solar Tower Light
ECO Solar Tower Light
STL1 - Mobile Solar Tower Light


Flexible, dependable and fully portable, the SL-STL1 Eco Solar Tower Light provides an ideal and environmentally friendly solar site lighting solution suitable for a wide range of uses. From construction site lighting, to temporary road and rail repairs, from industrial solar lighting to eco-friendly outdoor events, solar LED light towers offer 8hours of lighting, 7-days a week in spring, summer and autumn and 5-days a week in winter.

Effective and efficient site solar light towers

The SL-STL1 Eco Solar Tower Light has four adjustable 100W LED flood lights, with 340° rotatable heads. Together, this will illuminate a huge area of 2400m2, improving both safety and productivity. These solar tower lights are powered by 100% renewable energy from four highly efficient 360W solar panels. These are mounted at ground level for ease of operation, so you can make the most of all of the available sunlight.

Safe and secure solar tower lights  

The 8m hydraulic vertical mast on these mobile solar light towers is stable in winds up to 22.5m/s (approx. 50mph), making them ideal for remote road and rail work and construction site lighting in exposed locations. Further safety is provided by the AMOSS system, which prevents solar tower lights from being moved until the mast has been lowered.

Clean, solar powered portable light towers

Solar light tower hire delivers convenience and cost savings at every turn. You can help to save the environment with zero noise pollution and zero emissions, and you can save money with no fuel costs and no servicing charges. And because the SL-STL1 Eco Solar Tower Light links seamlessly with Think Hire’s industry-leading remote energy reporting and management, you could save even more, running your site more efficiently than ever before. Talk to our team about the benefits of Think Hire solar tower lights and associated solar lighting today. 

Key benefits of solar tower lights

  • No pollution from noise or emissions - keeps regulators and neighbours happy
  • No fuel costs - delivers significant savings compared to diesel generators
  • 4 x 100W LED flood lights illuminate 2400m2 of space - keeps staff and guests safe
  • Fully adjustable LEDs - provides precise targeting from 340° rotatable heads
  • Dependable delivery all year around - delivers up to 8hrs a day even in Winter
  • Stable 8m mast – provides safety even on exposed construction sites
  • Auto cut-off – maximises energy efficiency and increases savings


Dimensions - Stowed L3.36m x W2.14m x H2.52m
Dimensions - Deployed L3.36m x W4.15m x H8.00m
Weight 1500KG
Lighting and Mast
Lighting 400W LED
Illumination @5 lux 2400m2
Mast Type Hydraulic
Max Mast Height 8.00m
Mast Rotation 340 Degrees
Power Type
Solar PV 1.44kW
Battery Type Sealed AGM
Energy Management
Control System Remote VRM