ECO Solar Tower Light

ECO Solar Tower Light
STL1 - Mobile Solar Tower Light

ECO Solar Tower Light
STL1 - Mobile Solar Tower Light



The ThinkHire STL1 mobile eco solar tower light is powered 100% from renewable energy.  

4no. 360W panels charge a sealed battery pack to produce enough power to deliver 8 hours of light, 7 days a week throughout the spring, summer and autumn months and 8 hours of light, 5 days a week throughout winter.

This high efficiency, clean energy tower light can illuminate a 2400m2 area from 4 adjustable LED lighting heads and an 8m hydraulic mast. 

The Solar panels are mounted on top of the unit and they extend and can be inclined manually to make the most of the sunlight available.

Key features and benefits

  • No noise pollution
  • No carbon emissions
  • No fuel consumption
  • 2400 sqm of illuminated space guaranteed
  • 8m vertical mast with wind stability of up to 22.5 m/s
  • Auto start/stop light sensor
  • AMOSS mast safety system
  • 4 x 100W LED Floodlights providing instant bright lights with no wait time
  • Onboard levels for guidance during stabilization
  • Multi-directionally adjustable and tiltable floodlights
  • 340° rotatable head
  • Remote energy management and reporting


Dimensions - Stowed L3.36m x W2.14m x H2.52m
Dimensions - Deployed L3.36m x W4.15m x H8.00m
Weight 1500KG
Lighting and Mast
Lighting 400W LED
Illumination @5 lux 2400m2
Mast Type Hydraulic
Max Mast Height 8.00m
Mast Rotation 340 Degrees
Power Type
Solar PV 1.44kW
Battery Type Sealed AGM
Energy Management
Control System Remote VRM