Portable Smart Meter

Portable Smart Meter



Our Portable Smart Meter and Energy Management Unit (EMU) has been specifically designed and developed to provide both historic and real time data on energy consumption, as well as forecast energy usage by formulating reports based on actual consumption and working patterns.

The product can be utilised to identify the correct size of power supply the site requires and provide the data and rationale for alternative solutions to the incumbent power supply if incorrectly sized. This portable smart mater will enable you to cut both carbon and cost from your project

Key features and benefits

  • Real time energy reporting
  • Consumption and supply pattern reporting
  • Plug and play to existing connections
  • Light weight
  • Energy improvement and forecast reporting
  • IP67 Rated
  • A compact 3 phase power datalogger, in a robust, waterproof carrying case.
  • Monitors voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor and more – on all three phases.
  • Convenient 63A Ceeform connectors, allowing use on loads up to 100A
  • Inside the lid a colour touchscreen displays realtime and historic power data, and locally logs all data
  • A USB port enable simple, one click download of logged data to a USB stick.
  • The lid can be padlocked to prevent unauthorised access
  • The unit is self powered from the supply to be monitored.
  • The optional 4G router provides automatic data uplink to a cloud portal. It also allows remote viewing and control of the internal display, to assist with setup or troubleshooting.
  • The 4G router also allows remote software upgrades and the addition of new features.
  • If coverage is lost, data is stored before being sent to the cloud when a connection is available again.