Static Water Tanks

Static Water Tanks



We provide a wide range of static water tanks that are suitable for clean water, drinking water, and dirty water storage available for both hire and sale.

All of our static water tank options come in a wide range of sizes and are built to the highest standard to ensure that they offer a robust solution for the most demanding environments.

Static water tanks are the most cost effective and simplistic way of supplying sites with water when they do not already have mains facilities. Utilising these will be much easier than fitting new underground water pipes, ensuring that your productivity will be maximised.

Our static water tanks are compatible with welfare facilities and will provide all workers with a comfortable and practical environment so that the project at hand remains the main focus.

Sizes available

  • 5000L
  • 10,000L
  • 15,000L

Key features and benefits

  • Variety of connectors and adaptors  
  • Secure filling points for secure and easy refilling
  • Heavy duty design
  • Complies with UK water regulations
  • Next day delivery nationwide