News and Updates by ThinkHire

Hire and Sale of Renewable Energy Systems

It’s good to know that generator hire companies such as Think Hire are on hand to help make your site cleaner and more compliant, with a range of battery storage solutions and solar and hybrid power generators. Read More

Battery Generators – A Key Step Towards A Zero-Carbon Grid

While wind farms and huge solar arrays may be the most obvious way we’re changing our power grid, there are also changes being made in other, more subtle ways, such as the creation of battery generators. Read More

Smart Power Management

With Think Hire, you can choose diesel, solar or hybrid power generators, delivering power either directly from the generators or stored in batteries for later use. Read More

Battery Power For Off Grid Sites

This is where Think Hire hybrid power generators and battery units really come into their own, powering everything from site lighting to the new generation of electric plant and equipment. Read More

Neil Richardson, named in Business Insider's 42 Under 42

Think Hire founder and managing director, Neil Richardson, has been named one of the region’s leading young entrepreneurs. Read More