Hand and Boot Wash Station

Hand and Boot Wash Station
Hand & Boot Wash Station
Hand and Boot Wash Station
Hand & Boot Wash Station



Evolved from our boot wash versatile range, the hand and boot wash station incorporates all of the boot wash stations' functionality but with the added benefit of a hand wash system and soap dispenser unit.

Integrating a hand and boot wash station on your site can reduce the chances of spreading harmful bacteria by maintaining good hand hygiene with frequent washing and in the process also removing soil, grease, microorganisms, or other unwanted substances.

The unit also helps reduce the frequency of unnecessary slips, trips and falls. It does this by providing a solution for maintaining clean footwear and keeping your boots keep free of mud and other potentially harmful items collected from your boots on site.

The boot wash systems are design to be lightweight but heavy duty and robust. Units come as standard with a built-in settlement system for ease of cleaning and removing waste. Each boot wash incorporates a heavy-duty brush, hose and spray nozzle.

Key features and benefits

  • Unit can be mains connected or stand-alone as shown in the pictures, complete with pump and water tank
  • Powerful cleaning system
  • Soap/ hand sanitiser dispenser (soap and sanitiser not included as standard)
  • Independent hand wash tap
  • Settlement system within the boot wash for ease of cleaning and removing waste
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Easy to install 
  • Linkable 
  • Lightweight and can be moved manually 
  • Durable and capable of surviving harsh environments 
  • Next day delivery via pallet network is available



Height 1000mm
Width 460mm
Length 600mm
Weight 25kg Approx (empty)