Solartainer Versatile

Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile 3
Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile 3


Solartainer Versatile

Self-contained solar hybrid power


Solartainer Versatile is the only adaptable and scalable solar hybrid power solution in the UK.

Our hybrid generator range was developed to provide an off-grid power supply, integrating renewable power and storage with diesel, HVO, or LPG power backup to reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint. During daylight hours, the solar panels harvest energy and store it in a lithium-ion battery pack. The standby generator is activated only when the batteries are depleted.

All units can be synchronised and are renewables ready to harness additional power from bolt-on solar sky frames, hydro turbines and wind turbines. 

Solartainer Versatile is available in four options based on your requirements: S, M, L, XL 

Our full range of Solar Hybrid Generators for hire and Solar Skyframes for hire are available nationwide.

Key features and benefits

  • Autonomous off-grid power supply
  • Adaptive power source
  • Lithium Ion battery storage with generator backup, including glycerine fuelled
  • Reduced CO2, NOx, SO2 & PM emissions
  • Reduced generator runtime and service costs
  • Available in single or three-phase configuration
  • Can be used as a direct replacement for diesel generators up to 100kVA
  • Remote energy management and live energy
  • Option to synchronise to multiple sets