Solartainer Versatile

Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile 3
Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile
Solartainer Versatile 3



Developed to provide an off-grid power supply, integrating renewable power and storage with diesel-power back-up to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This unit also reduces fuel costs by up to 50% when compared to a conventional diesel generator and reduces Co2 by over 80%.

This Solartainer, solar hybrid generator line has an adaptable power system and both battery banking and ancillary generator power can be scaled up or down within the Solartainer to provide the power you need and support your decarbonisation commitments.

During daytime operation, the energy created by the solar panels is harvested and stored in an onboard lithium-ion battery pack.

The standby generator is configured to run only when the batteries are depleted to a state of charge configured before being set up on your project. Energy performance is monitored remotely via an online portal and monthly energy performance certificates are produced.

Our full range of Solar Hybrid Generators for hire and Solar Pod's for hire are available nationwide.

Key features and benefits

  • Autonomous off-grid power supply
  • Reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Available in single or three phase configuration
  • Can be used as a direct replacement for diesel generators upto 70 kVA or 70kVA+ when synchronised
  • Reduced generator runtime and service costs
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Remote energy management as standard
  • Live energy reporting as standard
  • Adaptive power source
  • All units are 'Renewables ready' and additional solar PV panels and wind turbines can be connected
  • Option to synchronise multiple sets