EV Chargers - The Future of EV Charging

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EV Chargers
EV Charging Point
EV Chargers


EV Chargers - The Future of EV Charging

Ensure convenient access to charging infrastructure for your projects with Think Hire EV Charger. This dual AC charging unit is perfect for supporting environmentally-friendly transportation options. The dual gun charger is perfect for both commercial and domestic use with a market-leading five-year warranty. With time-shifting capabilities, it offers maximum cost-efficiency, and you can easily monitor it via the convenient mobile app. The EV Charger is compatible with any electric vehicle and is ready to use straight out of the box.

The RFID unit comes with one RFID card as standard, with additional RFID cards (EV-RFID) available for purchase.

Our electric vehicle and plant charging points have been designed specifically for the off grid energy market. These EV charger units can be deployed in any environment and connected our off grid energy product to provide EV charging in even the most remote environments.

Key features and benefits

  • Available in single or three-phase configuration
  • Plug & Charge - easy and stress-free
  • Dynamic load balancing system
  • No earth spike required installation
  • Dual gun pro earth
  • RFID Control
  • Cable lock system
  • LCD Screen, LED Indicator light
  • Mid metering
  • Emergency stop button
  • Ethernet, WIFI and optional 4G connection
  • CE, SA8000, OZEV and UKCA certified
  • Optional ground mounts & floor stands
  • Zero emissions
  • Zero fuel costs
  • Zero noise pollution