Sewage Waste Tank

Sewage Waste Tank


Our sewage waste tanks for hire are built from mild steel to ensure that they are robust in nature and suitable for the environment that they are situated within, including construction, rail, house building and utilities sectors.

Our tanks can be situated anywhere on site, both above and underground. They can be utilised to store sewage waste from cabins and toilet blocks ans well as be utilised as an overflow tank.

Key features and benefits

  • Securely stores all waste
  • Relocatable
  • Suitable for use above and in ground
  • Audible alarm feature to signal high capacity (Optional)
  • High level vent pipe to eradicate odours (Optional)
  • Hazardous substances and pollutants will be completely contained at all times


Height 0.45m
Width 2.5m
Length 3.6m
Capacity 4050L