News and Updates by ThinkHire

Smart Power Management

With Think Hire, you can choose diesel, solar or hybrid power generators, delivering power either directly from the generators or stored in batteries for later use. Read More

Battery Power For Off Grid Sites

This is where Think Hire hybrid power generators and battery units really come into their own, powering everything from site lighting to the new generation of electric plant and equipment. Read More

Neil Richardson, named in Business Insider's 42 Under 42

Think Hire founder and managing director, Neil Richardson, has been named one of the region’s leading young entrepreneurs. Read More

Wessex ‘Light’ Railway

There are many ‘light’ railways around the country, from London’s Docklands to tourist trains. But there is only one railway that actually runs on light. Read More

Solar Compound Lighting

Think Hire’s solar compound lighting is as flexible as it gets, providing stand-alone, off grid lighting wherever you need it. Read More

How much does solar power save compared to traditional power generation?

An incredible 173,000 TW of energy reaches the Earth from the sun at any one time. 173,000 TW of energy that is completely free of charge and constantly renewable. This free energy doesn’t produce any CO2 and doesn’t deplete our future fuel suppl... Read More

On Site Solar Lighting Solutions from Think Hire

Site lighting is essential for safety, productivity and flexibility, allowing your works to continue in all weathers and at all times of day and night. Read More

Solar Hybrid Generator: A Growing Energy Source

Solar panels and a solar generator can work all year round regardless of the weather. Although you will get more power from them on bright sunny days, they still work well whenever it is light. Read More

Minimising Noise At Night In Built Up Areas

Think Hire has the answer, with a wide range of generator hire designed to help you optimise your power supplies more effectively and reduce the need for noisy generators during night-time hours. Read More

Think Hire Leading The Way In Decarbonisation

Leading plant and power hire company, Think Hire, welcomes the new government strategy on industrial decarbonisation as they continue to support the construction sector with renewable energy options. Read More

Think Hire announces new partnership with EV3 to help deliver 'genuinely green' plant hire

Today, Think Hire has announced a new partnership with EV3 Power which promises to help deliver 'genuinely green' plant hire to companies and sites the width and breadth of the UK. Read More