Solar Hybrid Generator: A Growing Energy Source

Date: 15/07/21

Despite the weather being glorious at present, British weather can also be unpredictable, and you may be under the impression that solar power isn’t a significant energy source in this country, but you would be wrong. In fact, solar power is part of our rapidly growing renewable energy production, despite the weather, which recently produced more energy for the National Grid than fossil fuels. The weather may be unpredictable, but the sun still comes up every day without fail, powering solar panels across the country.

So how does a solar generator work? How is it contributing to the energy mix, both nationally and internationally? And how can you utilise solar power to reduce your carbon footprint on- site? 

How do solar panels work?
It is a common misconception that solar panels make their energy from direct sunlight or the heat from the sun, but this is not strictly true. In fact, it is daylight, not just sunshine that triggers their reaction, causing electrons to move and make electricity. This means that solar panels work whenever the sun is up, even if you can’t see it for the clouds. 

Solar panels and a solar generator can work all year round regardless of the weather. Although you will get more power from them on bright sunny days, they still work well whenever it is light. Even rainy days can produce solar power, and they can even improve performance by cleaning the panels of any dust or debris that might block the light.

How much solar power does the UK generate?
Renewable energy accounts for around 40% of the UK energy mix, with around half of that coming from wind turbines and solar power accounting for around 5-6%. There are over a million solar power installations across the country, producing over 13,000 Megawatts of power. That’s enough to make 11 million cups of tea every year.

Renewable energy is growing in the UK and contributed more than fossil fuel energy production for the first time in the third quarter of 2019, generating 29.5TWh compared to 29.1TWh. It is estimated that wind and solar power will regularly produce over 50% of UK energy by 2050. 

Unfortunately, solar alone will never be able to supply all of the UK’s energy needs. To achieve this, we would need to cover 29,690km2 with solar panels – that’s the equivalent of the whole of Wales, plus Devon and Cornwall.

Solar generator power worldwide
Globally, around 4% of energy is produced using solar panels, with renewables accounting for just under a third of total energy consumption. Solar power is growing rapidly in Asia, with countries like China and India leading the way. China produces ten times as much solar energy as the UK, while India’s Shakti Sthala Solar Park produces the equivalent of 15% of the total UK output on its own.

Using solar power on site
Think Hire gives you the opportunity to utilise the renewable energy of solar power on site, lowering costs, reducing noise and emissions, and significantly cutting your carbon footprint. We provide a wide range of solar products, from a solar hybrid generator to power electric vehicles and tools on site, to solar welfare cabins where heating, lighting and hot water are all powered by solar panels.

Think Hire specialise in providing accessible, affordable clean energy solutions, delivering the latest photovoltaic technology in convenient products designed specifically for the industry. Talk to our team today about how your site can harness the daylight to provide free, clean energy all year round. 

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