Portable Power 0.5kVA – 3kVA

Portable Power 0.5kVA – 3kVA



The Hybrid Portable is a  robust and lightweight hybrid power offering from 0.5kVA – 3kVA  of power. The smallest option in our Hybrid power range, the unit offers a robust, compact, mobile energy source for off grid and remote applications and as a portable tool charging stations.

 Built for powering everything from CCTV to emergency radio systems Hybrid Portable offers 0.5kVA to 3kVA of power housed within the strongest of cases to withstand the toughest of conditions and transportation methods.

These systems use the latest lithium battery technologies to provide a lightweight, silent power source for demanding applications. The loads can be plugged in directly to the case and offer instant, silent power.

Power to charge the battery store can come from renewable sources, mains power, portable generator or an auxiliary vehicle power supply. This makes the unit an ideal solution for rapid deployment in remote locations, particularly where silent power is a main consideration.

Key features and benefits 

  • Reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Reduce noise emissions
  • 0.5kVA - 3kVA
  • Remote energy management
  • Chargeable from mains, aux vehicle power, renewable energy source & generators
  • Tool charging
  • Lion smart battery technology
  • Fast charge
  • IP67 Rated


Electrical Properties
Inverter Rated Power 0.5kVA - 3kVA
Transfer Switch 1 x 16A
AC Input 187-265VAC 1PH
DC Voltage Range 38 – 66V
Output Voltage 230VAC +- 2% Frequency: 50Hz +- 0.1%
Peak Power 0.9kW - 6kW
Standard Outlets 1 x 16A 1PH
Operating Range -5oC to +40oC (fan assisted cooling)
AC Inlet 1 x 16A
Energy Storage
Capacity 768Wh (Usable 538Wh) - 5.75kWh (Usable 4.03kWh)
Mechanical Properties
Dimensions (L x W x H) 632mm x 632mm x 364mm
Weight 33kg - 65kg