ThinkHire launches its new Disinfex product range

Date: 15/04/20

ThinkHire, the country’s leader in relocatable, renewable energy, has launched a number of new disinfectant products in order to support the well-being of key workers during this unprecedented time. 

The Disinfex - ThinkHire’s portable disinfectant mister -provides many key workers who are servicing the general public, a safe, disinfected space for them to work in. The portable disinfectant unit provides an atmospheric mist to an internal area and is able to adequately disinfect a 50m3 area in under ten minutes. 

The unit also has the unique capability of being able to be used without personnel being on standby to supervise. Simply set the unit to the required timing (it can run continuously for up to five hours) and leave it to disinfect the area, leaving you to carry on with other projects at hand. 

Another member of the Disinfex range is the walk-through misting booth, perfect for disinfecting personnel entering and leaving a project site. The walk-through option releases a fine mist as someone walks through the control barrier, effectively covering them with a non-toxic disinfectant. The disinfectant is capable of killing 99.9% of all diseases, including COVID-19.

The Disinfex is able to be used on both large and small projects, with clients using them on a multitude of projects within the infrastructure sector.

Take a look at the Disinfex in action here.

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