Latest solar hybrid generator launched on to rail project

Date: 04/06/20

ThinkHire, the leading supplier of off grid, solar hybrid generators in the UK, has delivered yet more innovation to the UK infrastructure sector.

Following the recent launch of the Solartainer Versatile, the UK's first adaptable solar hybrid generator, ThinkHire hire has deployed its hybrid energy solution to provide 85kW of peak power to a national rail contractor.

The client required an off-grid energy solution due to no access to mains. The remit was to provide an environmentally considerate solution that utilised renewable energy and reduced fuel costs whilst cutting carbon output, instead of utilising a traditional diesel generator set.

Working closely with the project team prior to the commencement of the project, ThinkHire was able to understand the complexities of the operation and tailor a solution to efficiently deliver the peak power demand and supply energy from battery and solar during lower periods of consumption.

The Solartainer Versatile can be adapted to provide power ranging from 25kW to 60kW as well as being synchronised with additional renewables, including wind turbines, solar PV panels and other Solartainer Versatile units.

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